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We are a Veteran Owned Business Helping Other Texas New & Small Business Owners With Valuable Help and Resources for Their Businesses!


Business Insurance – Without it, you shoulder 100% of the risk and the consequences involved with running your business. At All Star Business Solutions we handle your business needs with the passion like we were partners in it ourselves.  We work with a variety of A.M. Best Rated A+ carriers to get the best deal. Available coverage(s); General Liability, Property, Equipment, Commercial Auto, Umbrella, Workers Comp and more. We work in Commercial Insurance for Texas businesses only, it is our field of specialization.

Many business owners think they cannot afford insurance for their businesses.  However, when you consider the alternative, can you afford to lose your business, which may just be your most valuable source of income?  There are typically 2 times when a business owner thinks of insurance; the first being now while they are reading about it while the second happens when they need it and really wished they had it, but then it’s already too late.

If protecting your most valuable source of income (your business) is important to you, then business insurance is a good option to consider.  Contact us to discuss your various options to protect your business.


For those businesses operating in the de-regulated areas of Texas (and other states), shop online 24/7 with a variety of retail energy providers for electricity and/or gas and see how much you could be saving in your energy expenses for your business. For high energy users, check out the Reverse Auction backed with a $1000 Guarantee. It’s easy and convenient with NO high pressure salesman bothering you while you are trying to work.  You can see instantly what the rates are between energy providers for both your business electricity and or gas, select the rate you like best (watch out for ‘meter fees’ though), click, print, sign it and return it the same day and it’s done!  Even if your current contract does not expire for up to 12 months from now, you can renew now if you see a lower rate to lock in your energy cost for when it does expire.

Check out the instant online system and see how much you could save on your business’s energy cost!  After all, you do like to save money, . . . don’t you?


EVERY business is going to have legal issues that comes up at some point in the course of doing business.  It’s not a matter of IF you are going to encounter legal issues, it’s a matter of WHEN.  Don’t guess or ask your friends about your business’s legal issues! Talk to a licensed attorney but without the costly ‘hourly’ rates. Affordable legal service plans are available specifically designed for small businesses ranging from Home-Based to businesses with up to 100 employees. Services include consultations with a licensed attorney on ANY legal matter for your business, correspondence on your behalf for things such as debt collection, contract review, and MORE.  The monthly rates are much cheaper than a typical attorney’s hourly rates.

Don’t make a decision based on preconceived ideas, make an informed decision by taking even 5 minutes to look at the information.  You’ll be glad you did . . . . unless you like paying an attorney $200+/HOUR to just talk to you and give you legal advise for your business.

All Star Business Solutions works with new and small businesses with valuable help and resources for their most vital source of income – their business.

Our mission is to help businesses owners avoid common mistakes found in shortcuts often used by other businesses that have failed. For our Commercial Insurance clients in Texas, we get quotes through a variety of carriers like we owned the business ourselves, seeking to get the best coverage at the lowest rate!. All this while supporting others through charity as part of our business structure!


At All Star Business Solutions our primary service and specialty is in Commercial insurance for Texas businesses to help protect that which you have worked so hard to build and grow. We work with a variety of carriers to get you the best deal we can.

The next area involves avoiding legal mistakes often encountered by following bad advice from others or incorrect opinions that do not lineup with business law.

In addition to those 2 main areas, we also offer a Commercial Energy Comparison service for those operating a brick and mortar business in the de-regulated zones in Texas.

Finally, we take it one step further. Not only are we committed to helping you get protection for your business and save you money, we also take a percentage of the profit from your purchased services and donate it to the less privileged by giving to charities.