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From Logo Designs, Funding, Business Legal Service Plans to Business Energy savings and more!

Starting and running a small business does NOT have to be expensive!
Here are the top 2 most common mistakes that business owners make! (view the video below)

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

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Inexpensive Small Business Resources

From business funding, credit card processing, business phone lines to training/coaching and more.  There are a number of quality resources found on this page for small business help.  Many new business owners don’t know where to begin looking to get all the help they need to get their business up and running or to find better deals.  Start by looking here and save yourself a lot of time and money!

Business Legal Service Plans

Most likely one of the MOST costly mistake new and small business owners make – NOT getting legal help!  Get the small business help and legal guidance you need from state licensed attorneys. From Home-Based businesses to larger, starting at $35/mo..  NO long term contract.  Don’t let preconceived ideas stop you from getting the help you need. Get the facts first.  Call us today and we’ll get you in touch so you can talk to a licensed attorney in your state TODAY about ANY legal question about your business!

Commercial Energy

1 stop shop with variety of providers for businesses in De-Regulated areas of the country, electric and gas providers.  Think about it, the lights are not any brighter and the coffee does not percolate any faster with one energy company over another so you may as well get the BEST PRICE!