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More and more businesses  shopping for commercial energy are trending towards procuring their natural gas and electricity needs through real time brokers to help them save money.  Large energy consumers may participate in a Reverse Auction Platform ! This Exchange creates a wholesale trading environment for commercial buyers of energy, achieving savings of up to 30%.

This revolutionary Exchange facilitates billions of combined kilowatt hours and therms being bought and sold on a daily basis, dramatically reducing the cost of commercial energy users’ natural gas and electricity bills. The Exchange works similarly to how stock prices are realized on the NYSE. While using the live Reverse Auction to shop for your Texas commercial energy, the live exchange allows for up to 15 sellers (the Energy Companies) to bid against each other on customer accounts, causing rates to drop precipitously during the live 5-to-10 minute reverse auctions and creating a buyer’s market for businesses procuring energy.


Texas Commercial Energy for Electricity

Every frugal business owner likes to save money where they can!  Here is where you can easily do that!  Unlike the old days where you had 1 electric company or 1 gas company that you HAD to do business with, like it or not, you may now have a choice!  For those businesses operating in the de-regulated areas of Texas (and other SELECT states), customers can now one-stop shop online for their commercial energy needs!  Compare current market prices between various companies and select the rates and length of contract that you feel comfortable with, click, print, sign and return SAME day and you’re set!  Yes, selecting the electrical and gas energy for your business is just that easy!

Even if your current contract does not expire for another 12 months and you want to take advantage of the new lower rates, you can still do it NOW!  If you find a better rate that you really like, you can go ahead and lock it in now and it will begin at the end of your current contract.  Even if the rates sky rocket at that time you will still be locked in at your new lower rate.

If you like to save money on your electricity or gas bill for your business, this is an easy place to do it.  After all, the coffee doesn’t percolate any faster and the lights are not any brighter with one energy company over an other!  The only difference is the price you pay with the company you choose.

Remember, a portion of all profits are sent to your favorite selected charity so you will also be helping out those less privileged and this is at NO additional cost to you!

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Commercial energy shopping is available to you. You could substantially lower your energy costs but you HAVE to take action!

Although this site focuses on Commercial energy services for businesses, if you are needing Residential energy services, you may click here