FAQ – things you probably always wondered but were afraid to ask.

Starting and running a business always creates a lot of the same frequently asked questions (FAQ) for new business owners so we will cover some of that here.  Ever heard the expression ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question except the one you don’t ask’?  After all, we’re talking about your business – your bread and butter and your future, right?  So what’s wrong with asking questions about your business?  Not a thing!  That’s not to say everything has a cookie cutter answer but nevertheless, it’s OK to ask questions.


  • Do I have to own a store front business to get Business Energy rates? –  In a word, YES.  Home-based businesses are not able to obtain Business Energy rates.  If you do own a brick and mortar store, find out how you save money on your business’s store energy costs.  In the de-regulated areas of the country where this option is available you really need to take advantage of this.  After all, the lights are no brighter and the gas is no hotter (is that a word? 😉 ) with one energy provider over another so you may as well get the best price – but if you don’t ask, you wont’ get it!  It’s amazing how many business owner have NO idea how much they are paying per KWh nor what the energy prices are doing when it comes time to renew, or the fact that they can take advantage of lower rates guaranteed up to 12 months before their current contract expires!


  • Don’t I need to hire an attorney to get Business Legal Help?  This is where a LOT of business owners make costly mistakes!  NO, you don’t have to pay out the nose for legal help.  Many new business owners have a preconceived idea that to obtain the services of an attorney will run $300+ per HOUR – but that is old school.  What if you were told you could access a licensed attorney (not a paralegal but an attorney) in your state (so they are familiar with your state laws) even for home-based businesses and do a host of things for you such as unlimited legal counsulations, contract and document reviews, even write letters or make phone calls on your behalf, help you collect from someone who owes you money and MORE for as low as $30 per MONTH with NO contract?!  It’s true!  Check our Business Legal Plans section.  Your a business owner now, which makes better business sense?!  $300+/HOUR or as low as $30/ MONTH?!


  • Do I need a toll-free number for my business?  That kind of phased out with 8 track tapes. 🙂  When toll-free numbers started, everyone was having to pay ‘long distance charges’ and to save customers the cost of the call, toll-free numbers were created.  Toll-free calls are paid for by the business, not the customer.  Now think about this – do you not now have unlimited long distance anywhere in the US on your cell-phone or even your home phone land line?  (If you are still paying long distance charges, we need to talk so we can save you money.)  These days, unlimited free long distance is normal.  So why pay extra for a ‘toll-free’ number when the customers can most likely call you free anyways?


  • How do I get a logo designed for my new business?  – Check out the B2B Resources page and look under logos.  You’ll be amazed what is available from very talented people that can do that and for very reasonably prices!

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