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Business Resources One Touch Stop

Business Resources One Touch Stop

Some of the best business resources are not always found by search engines, but rather word of mouth.  Have you ever seen a good movie and told someone about it?  Or maybe ate at an awesome restaurant and recommended it to your friends?  We like to do the same thing for other businesses we think you’ll like too.

Although we focus on specific and vital areas of coverage to help new and small business owners protect their most valuable source of income, we realize we cannot be everything to everybody – but we do like to share.

Below are some links to businesses that we have encountered that are note-worthy and we feel comfortable recommending.  Again, we only recommend those that we would do business with ourselves, and in many of these cases, we use their services ourselves!  Check ’em out!

Click on the links for the areas you would like to explore;

Logo Designs – from basic to fancy with all the different files you’ll need from jpg to ai and others.  Fast service and creative, not to mention very reasonably priced!

FREE LLC For Texas Veterans– Yes, you read that right! Check out the link to the Secretary of State’s website explaining how Texas Veterans can obtain their LLC for FREE using the Senate Bill explained on the website. There are various types of LLCs you can apply for so legal advice from a state licensed attorney would be wise before applying so you know which is right for you.

Office Equipment and Supplies – All Star Business Concepts (no affiliation with All Star Business Solutions by the way 😉 ) is your go-to place for everything to help supply everything from home-based businesses to corporate offices.  Check ’em out!

Kairos Connections Coaching uses Core Energy coaching to empower clients to reframe their perspective and remove self-imposed limitations that keep them from achieving their desires in all areas of life. They also offer complimentary consultations and flexible appointment times. If you feel like you or your business are ‘stuck’, you may benefit from visiting with them!

Female Voice Over – did you like the main page video?  Cindy did the Voice Over part for me!  She is so easy to work with and a true professional!

Credit Card Processing – regardless if you are a home based business or store front, using a PC, phone app or need a credit card processing terminal – these people can help.  NO CONTRACTS and NO start-up fees and FREE equipment.  Been in business over 20 years!

Business Phone Line – if you are going to be a home-based business, you can still get a separate phone line with all the bells and whistles like unlimited US long distance, Caller ID, Call Block (good for blocking those telemarketers 😉 ), voice mail, and so much more for an unbelievable low price.

High Speed Internet – use the Contact Us page to inquire on possible local resources that maybe able to WAIVE your install fee.

Cheap Misc Help  – This site pulls talented people from ALL over the world that offer their services at often very cheap prices, starting at only $5.  You can check them out and look around to get an idea of what’s available.

Keeping Your Computer Virus-free – if you have ever caught a virus on your computer and had to restore it – you know how time consuming it can be, not to mention expensive if you don’t know how to do it. Can your business afford the down time?  We use this to keep our clients records safe and we have never caught a virus since using it. Learn our simple daily routine in How to stay Virus Free Highly recommended and trusted!



Not all business resources are restricted to electronics or other tangible goods.  Never stop learning!  As the saying goes, ‘when you think you’re green you’re growing; when you think you’re ripe, you begin to rot’. Keep learning and you’ll keep growing, once you think you’ve ‘arrived’, you begin to rot.

Here are some business resources for continuing to learn as you grow your business.  Each has their own strengths and abilities and even if you don’t use these particular ones, find someone that clicks with you and you can easily learn from.  These guys are great but I’ve also sat in on training with others where I couldn’t not stand listening to them – so pay attention to what you are attracted to and go for it – even if you switch to another in a later season of your business and personal life. Many of these have FREE offers so check them out!

FREE CD from Howard Partridge – ONE of which is called the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business.  Check it out as well as other great training.  Howard started selling out of the trunk of his car and built multiple million dollar businesses operating today.

Brian Tracy’s – FREE Taking Action –  is an internationally recognized business expert and has taught worldwide to business leaders from the small to the great.  When he started in sales as a youth he began to ask questions such as ‘what makes some successful and others not?’  He figured it out and now shares that information with others wanting to learn the same thing.

Tony Robbins focuses on getting you at your ‘peak’ by pulling out what is already inside of you to get the ‘results’ you want!  Look for his 30 Minute Complementary Results Coaching Session button and sign up!

Need Help in Learning How To Run Your New Business – in addition to the Legal Service Plan, whether you are family owned Home Based or Small Biz (with employees), you can add the Go Small Biz Supplement to your coverage and enjoy a host of business related support such as UNLIMITED Business Consultations from experts in addition to your legal services. Normally $39 as a stand alone but only an additional $14.95 when added to your Legal Service Plan.